I believe i had a perfectly well thought out post for you guys on my morning run today. In my head that is! I do hope i can put it all together here.

Two nights ago, I attended the launch of Jacqui James, a UK based bridal and bespoke label at the Sakura Restaurant in VI. It was a fashion/private dinner for Editors and stylists to get to meet the designer, have a look at the pieces up-close and generally get familiar. I had a great time. the food was great and the company even greater. High point of the evening for me was getting dressed in this Belois Couture pom-pom blouse.
Out tonight for the @jacquijames fashion dinner. Had such a great time! Wearing my darling @beloiscouture

So I broke one of my ‘things never to try’ Sushi and It happened in a whim. Luckily it tasted quite nice. I’m a little worried about breaking this rule tho. Does this mean I will look at cigarette someday? Nah…. My lungs too precious!

The internet is filled with best of 2016 this and that! there’s a recap of everything. Guys do you ever feel the internet can be overwhelming? i think i might actually try to spend less time online. Key word being try. Instagram is sooooo addictive!
Speaking of things that are addictive, i find my work to be one. I’ve never hidden the fact that i love what i do, occupational hazards et al. one Aunty i shot with recently threw a top at me. i really did feel like slapping her but i guess Jesus won that day. Not going to go into the details so dont ask lol. 
There’s a lot of drama when you’re in the industry that i am. Ah yes. Another Aunty almost threw a feat cos i started a msg with ‘Hi’. Notice how i keep using the word ‘Aunty’ I don’t get it guys and pls comment if its just me. And this is not even because i don’t look my age. Most people assume  i’m younger.  
Personally i don’t mind if people who are younger than i am, address me by my name. For goodness sake its ‘My name’ but apparently a lot of Nigerian women mind. and i’m not even talking those in the Mummy age group. I’m talking 40 somethings. Why do you think you’re that old?? Beats me really!
You know i had an assistant not too long ago who n the first few weeks referred to me as ‘Ma’. I was legit stressed out by it. Wasn’t sure if to cry or just remain stunned. Had to grab a mirror and examine my lines and pores for some days. I did set her straight in a sweet way tho and she explained that it’s because she’s Yoruba and ‘respect’ is a huge part of their culture. “To which i replied Zeenat you can just call me Ifeoma. its cool” and really it is cool. the only people i enjoy hearing ‘Aunty’ from. is my loving niece and all my other baby/younger cousins and that’s because i find the term so endearing. Everybody else not related to me i dont want!
Anyway back to the job. The Genevieve magazine fashion Issue in September remains my favourite. I’m so in love with it simply because i not only styled but because the idea was mine from choosing a cover girl, idea, execution etc. The Genevieve editorial team have my eternal thanks for this as they really did let me do my thing. Lakin Ogunbanwo was just the absolute rock-star photographer. 

All the other issues were great of course. Currently crushing on the December issue with Yvonne Jegede. Hope you guys are reading. i was featured in the October issue. i will post a PDF to the blog soon. Ah yes Kate Henshaw’s fitness cover was lovely as well. You can find these on
Speaking of fitness, this guy at my gym the other day was gisting us about an ex-girlfriend who still makes him feel special. He’s married by the way. According to him, this babe just calls him from time to time to ask how he’s doing without making demands so he decided to reward her, he would send her N20k every month. I responded with a sarcastic laughter and next thing he says i’m jealous cos i don’t have any man crediting my acct every month. i wasn’t  upset tho cos this guy doesn’t really know me outside our workouts. I realise i’m quite the underdog at the gym. i’m petite, never have any makeup on. i don’t drive to the gym  as i prefer to jog the considerable distance from home. I can understand why he would think i was poor. You have to be thinking the Nigerian way to understand this. 
I think he was really hurt cos asides laughing i told him to rather deposit it in any of his kids’ trust funds rather than waste it on an ex-gf who probably has other ex-bfs that she ‘randomly’ checks up on and makes feel special. Lol. I also did mention i could pay the ex monthly in my dreams without batting an eyelid. (My mouth sef). You do see how this would annoy a garrulous Igbo man right? I swear i’m still rolling.
How are you spending the last day of 2016? I had a perfectly good plan to go out have a few drinks and really dance the night away but somewhere along the day i decided binge watching Queen of the South would be a better idea.
Have fun out there and Happy New year loves.

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  1. Chic Therapy says:

    Interesting post. Can't believe I an "aunty" threw a top at you. And you personal assistant? Lol. I am Yoruba, but abegi, I don't call any random person "ma" and "aunty". Happy new year.

  2. IEC 61850 says:

    Nice article, thank you for the sharing

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