I’m It’s just a few mins past midnight and I’m on my second bowl of fried rice. Such decadence is why I love Christmas. All rules go out the door.

The past few days have been a delight given how stressful the year has been for me work wise and  in other ways as well.
Did anyone go to Rythm unplugged? I haven’t been to a show in years but they said Trey Songz was coming and I was just like whaaaaa! His performance was amazing and his dancers were fresh to death. Trey was full of energy and so cute. Time and money well spent. However I still can’t believe how dry Okey Bakassi was. Whatever happened to the guy. I used to love his jokes. It was painful to watch.
Flash back to Lagos fashion and design week in October this year, I was minding my business scrolling through Instagram, when I saw I had be selected by Claire Sulmers and Dzrupt TV as the best street style for this look below. I was just like wait why am I on Fashion bomb, what is Dzrupt? Don’t blame me, I never go anywhere these days. I was so pleased cos it’s a dress I really like and I was happy it got so much love.
They gave me goodies from Kamokini, P.O.C, 24, Wow nails, a spa day with Claire and the best of all, N50k to shop on Asos with. I was like heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 
Tip of the year: always show up looking fly, you never know who will take your picture! even if you’re going to buy recharge card. Lol.  ok I’m kidding.
Claire was in town a few days ago and we got to meet first at the Radisson Blu where a stylish crowd gathered for her famed Cocktails with Claire event which was fun. There was food and drinks and people got to meet her upclose, ask her questions, take selfies etc.

 Also got to meet my Instagram bud Keside Anosike @kecyfa who writes so beautifully. I absolutely love reading anything at all from him.
The following day at Oriki Spa in VI, was more chill and I got to gist with her, I wanted to know what kind of food she had enjoyed so far. She loved Jollof rice, egusi and pounded yam and I think she said Suya, can’t remember  now. Oh and her impression of Nigerians…. Very stylish, she was like everyone is on point! She was extremely sweet and an absolute delight to talk to. She told me she also bought the TNL Striped tuxedo dress as soon as she got in. How cute! Shout out to Dzrtupt TV for making it happen. If you’re not following them on Instagram you need to ASAP and not just for freebies their content is great. fashion, entertainment, lifestyle very cool brand to know. @dzrupt_tv and @dzruptfashion. It is pronounced DISRUPT for those wondering.

This is the season to be merry despite whatever your situation is. The time to be with friends and family, check up on loved ones far away and just generally maintain a grateful heart which may be hard seeing as there is still no petrol in Lagos but like Fela sang “suffering and smiling”. Either way I’m grateful to be alive and strong.
       My lovely niece Chimamamda. The cutest of them all. I love her to the moon and back.
Cheers to the best of what’s to come! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. lounge says:

    Happy new year Ify! That outfit is splendid! Flashy yet class…suits me. Lol

  2. lounge says:

    Happy new year Ify! That outfit is splendid! Flashy yet class…suits me. Lol

  3. Chic Therapy says:

    You certainly deserved the prize! That striped tuxedo dress was on point girl! I also love your orange feather skirt.

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