Hi guys it’s been a long time I came first at anything so it was a little weird when that happened over the weekend.

I decided to participate at the Genevieve Mag charity event in lekki this past Saturday. It was a lot of fun and I wasn’t really expecting anything. I really just wanted a nice challenge.
 November last year I decided to take charge of my body and health via fitness. I discovered it wasn’t a good time as Christmas came,  followed by a holiday trip and I completely fell off the band wagon till March this year when I said Enough is Enough! So I’ve been trying to stay active by running at least 3 times a week sometimes even more. 
Fast forward to last Saturday head phones on, music blasting, SHealth set..(that’s the fitness app I use) I gave it a go. I usually start out at a fairly moderate pace, then increase my intensity towards the middle and slow down again towards the end. On my usual running routes I do high intensity sprints at intervals but I didn’t attempt it here as I was scared to bump into people. We ran from the Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Lekki all the way through the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, down to Falomo roundabout and back to Divine Mercy. 
It was a total of 11.22Km  (I never take a break while running. I find that it slows me down overall I’d rather run at a steady pace and keep my breathing as controlled as possible) and when I came in I had to go back out again. For what you may ask??? Well I like to round up to the nearest km so I wanted to make it 12km. Lol I know I need help. Truth is I’m sort of addicted to the nos. 
I burnt a little over 1000kcal and that really was enough for me so imagine my excitement when the owner of Zesty Juices asked “Who came in first?” and everyone pointed towards me like Her!  I was like errrrrrmmmm ok. That’s me!!!
I got a gift bag containing lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. Which I’m still consuming today. Just drank the last of my beetroot/ginger/honey/lime smoothie.
The bag contained Celery, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, Apple, pomegranate and beetroot. I honestly loved it.
          Simply Natural also came through. Their smoothies were amazing. 
Wilson’s Lemonade also blessed me with some goodies as well

With the ever lovely Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Genevieve Magazine Mrs Betty Irabor or MD as we like to call her.
Some celebrities also came out to support the cause
     Julius Agwu, Sound Sultan, and the CEO Mall for Africa
   Hello Magazine editor Onah Nwachukwu, Media Entrepreneur Bola Balogun, Udo Okonjo, Betty Irabor, Forner First Lady of Cross River Onari Duke.
           Singer Timi Dakolo
     Actress Osas Ajibade
Smoothie Express came through just as I was about to leave and this passion smoothie was THE BOMB. Hands down the best smoothie I’ve ever had. It was really a Saturday morning well spent!
Cheers and enjoy your week! Xoxo. 


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