Hi Guys, 

Long time no blog. I’ve been so distracted lately. Apologies.

Just wanted to bring you guys some reallyyy good information.

Now if you’re a ‘buy Nigerian’ fashionista then you know that Grey is one of the coolest brands around. Cool is good yes…but what’s even better is the quality of Grey’s pieces are way up on the great clothing ladder. Cut, fit, fabric feel, all excellent everytime. Good things are always a little above the average price point if you know what I mean, but that’s why information like this just brings with it so much joy! Without further ado.Drumroll!!!

Date is the 29th and 30th of August 2015. That’s a few days from today! There’ll be delicious cocktails, a chance to view some pieces of their new collection and you’ll be able to shop from other complementary brands vendors. 

Just to add again, this is a NOTHING LEFT HANGING sale. 

Excuse me while I go set my alarm!

Cheers and have a fantastic week. Xoxo


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