Just an outfit post from last weekend on my way to work. Had to style a Christmas themed video for a special client. Details soon.

Her manager joked about how everytime she sees me, I’m always in a sweat shirt. Well no not really, not all the time, I wear other things. Lol. Truth is most production sets if it’s not outdoor, are usually very chilly. Like really chilly. One time I worked on the set of moments with mo in Tinapa, Calabar. It was literally the worst one week of my life.
 The temperature in the studio, the cold, it would always just go straight to my brain, I was convinced my head would eventually blow open at some point. Lol anyway since then..can’t take no risks. Plus I don’t even like cold. 
On a very weird day I think I went to buy a dispenser at Park n Shop/Spar, the one on Adeola Odeku VI, I discovered this store upstairs where they sell the coolest basics like this sweatshirt here.
I think I found a new place to unwind. Lol yes shopping for myself is how I relax. Don’t judge.

I don’t know about this ghetto pose tho.
And oh the sweatshirt is Zara. Most of the pieces in the store are Uk high street. If you’re really into Knit wear, easy non fussy clothing and stuff you’ll really like the place. The boyfriend jeans is from Mr Price. 


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