Keeping fit is such a challenge, I don’t know how some people manage without whining. This is the convo between the two voices in my head this morning.

A: Morning Princess, you forgot to bring in your workout clothes you washed yesterday. Well, while you were snoring.. it rained last night so good news, we ain’t running today. Yippee!

B: But you have other workout clothes fatso! Get to work!

A: True… but you know the wet sports bra is the one that gives you the most support. Just rest it baby.

B: That’s fine…. Just don’t come to me when you measure your waist and it’s still the same and yes at this rate… you’ll never be able to fit into that high waisted shorts of yours. The pink one you like.. you fatso. Go on… With your jiggle!!

Oh my… I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must’ve been for Smeagol/Gollum Lord of the rings anyone… Evil evil voices. I finally gave in to B. It was harsher. But I’m glad I managed to run 3km I’ve been doing 5km in recent times. But heyy….

Hope you all had a great week. Mine was spent being a stylist as usual.

Styled the new co-hosts on Studio 53 extra Sika Osei from Ghana and Ozzy Agu from Nigeria.

Sika’s skin is so beautiful. We kept in Minimal and chic in a dress from Mango’s 2013 fall collection

Ozzy’s tee is from Blkkangaroo a Nigerian label. Their tshirts have the coolest funkiest drawings on them. Check their instagram page to see more. His Blazer is also from Enzo Nigeria.

I also got to style the lovely Eku Edewor in Ejiro Amos Tafiri SS14 collection. She’s too pretty. 
PS: I managed to see 12 years a Slave and yes it is worth all the Lupita hype!
Cheers until later. XOXO


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