Casual Chic.

So i took a trip to the salon this weekend. My hair and scalp needed a good rub, after which i settled for a ponytail which i styled in this high bun. This is me right after i got back from the salon.

These shorts are so comfy. I’ve had them for d longest time. i love the fit.

The back of my hair.. already messy from resting my head backwards while driving back home. I don’t like sticky gels or anything hard on my hair.

I absolutely love these raffia bangles. its got that tribal chic effect. I always have to give out one or two every time i wear them out. 
I like to keep my makeup during the day as light as possible.

Vintage L&N satchel. Its so old, i couldnt even find any link to the designer (usually i google almost everything) lol. It has that smell of something really old which i love. and its in the most perfect condition. 
I don’t know how i got my neck into this funny position but i like it. 
(shorts-Next, satchel-Thifted, pointed ballet flats-Atmosphere,  watch -Sekonda, blouse-H&M, bangles and ring-Local market.)
Peace, Love and Sequins.


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